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SON Clinical Research Professor to be Inducted as Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing

Directors Laurie Badzek and Linda Pugh (Interim) are pleased to announce the upcoming induction of Susan M. Sinclair, PhD, MPH, RN as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in November at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  The Academy is home to over 2,500 members, who are nursing's most accomplished leaders in education, practice, service, and research. The vision of the Academy is to transform policy through nursing knowledge and leadership.  Selection of Fellows considers the extent of the impact of their career to influence health policy and health for all.

As evidenced in the AAN application: “Dr. Susan Sinclair is an integrated scholar, who has successfully combined nursing and public health to protect vulnerable populations, primarily pregnant women and their fetuses following prenatal medication use.  Because of her research and scholarly activities, lives are saved and disabilities are prevented through improved evidence for practice and policy.  Pregnant women represent one of the most important under-studied populations in drug development.  Medications are typically approved and introduced into practice based solely on animal data to estimate human reproductive toxicity.  Dr. Sinclair’s research addresses this need through pregnancy registries, i.e., observational studies of pregnant women prenatally exposed (inadvertently or intentionally) to medications, designed to evaluate the risk of birth defects and other negative outcomes.  Specifically, her focus is on conducting pregnancy registries, disseminating study results for evidence-based practice, and improving pregnancy registry research methodology.”  

We are so proud to have her as our colleague in the School of Nursing.  Dr. Sinclair joins Directors Badzek and Pugh, along with Dr. Barbara Lutz, Distinguished McNeill Professor, Dr. Jeanne Kemppainen, Emeritus Professor, and prior Distinguished Belk Professor, and Dr. Linda Haddad who were previously inducted into the Academy.