Newly accepted nursing students walking on campus

Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses

The UNCW School of Nursing is no longer accepting students into the RIBN program.

The mission of this baccalaureate program is to improve the health and health outcomes of North Carolinians by increasing the educational preparation and diversity of the nursing workforce.  RIBN brings a unique value through educational partnerships between UNCW and local community colleges that will increase the proportion of BSN prepared nurses in our workforce in an economically-feasible and community-focused manner. RIBN provides the nursing student with an affordable and accessible option for obtaining a baccalaureate degree while enjoying all student opportunities as both a UNCW and a community college student.

There are several benefits of the RIBN Program when compared to the traditional BSN program, including an average cost savings of $ 13,000 in tuition as well as earning an RN license one year earlier. Once students have earned their RN license they can begin working full time while completing the remainder of their degree from UNCW online.  Students will be assigned an RIBN advisor who will see each student through the program, guiding them each step of the way.  Best of all, graduates of the RIBN program earn the same degree, from the same university.