CHHS Starts New Tradition

The CHHS Bell is the result of a proposal developed by Dr. Matthew Gallek, associate professor, DNP program coordinator and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation nurse faculty scholar in the School of Nursing at in the College of Health and Human Services.  Ringing of the bell symbolizes Academic Achievement within the College. The graduation of the inaugural Doctorate of Nursing Practice students on May 10, 2019 initiated the Ringing of the Bell Ceremony. From this point forward, a Ringing of the Bell ceremony will occur to acknowledge DNP graduates.  Request to use the bell for any CHHS Academic Achievement should be submitted to the Dean for consideration.  Request should focus on the public recognition of an Academic Achievement by faculty, staff, students and community members associated with CHHS. All members of the CHHS will be invited to the Ringing of the Bell Ceremonies throughout the year. A record of Ringing of the Bell ceremonies will be kept by the Office of the Dean.