Coastal Nurse Practitioner Spring Symposium: Advanced Practice Nursing Across the Life Span

April Bice (SON)

1. What was the inspiration behind this project? As nurse practitioners in the community, my colleague Diane Parker and I, are dedicated to the needs of nurse practitioners in our community and beyond. This project is inspired by all of the fabulous advanced practice nurses who serve the state of NC.

2. Can you describe the project? The full day symposium will be focused on advanced nursing care across the lifespan from infancy to older adulthood and will be a means for all attendees to gain knowledge and experience in nursing. We also focus on letting nursing students be a big part of this as they will be submitting and presenting their own works for presentation at the symposium.

3. What is the purpose? This project aims to fill a continuing nurse education need for nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and students in undergraduate and graduate nursing school. A secondary aim with our community partner (North Carolina Nurses Association- NCNA) is to expose more nurses to the mission of NCNA, answer questions about membership in NCNA, increase NCNA activity, and to demonstrate to nurses the importance of being an NCNA member.

4. Who all was involved? Dr. April Bice Ph.D., CPNP, RN and Mrs. Diane Parker MSN, FNP-BC, RN

5. Why is it important? This serves a need in the community for much-needed education for advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, students in nursing, and faculty in nursing. Healthcare disciplines have a responsibility to remain current in knowledge and evidence about their field. NCNA is a key community partner and serves a great role for nurses across the state in helping to advocate for nurses, lobby for nursing and related health policy, and keeping nurses abreast to growing and changing rules, regulations, policies and more.

6. How will the project benefit CHHS? Students, nurses, advanced practice nurses and more can attend the event free of charge and utilize continuing education credit toward their licensing in nursing as well as gain knowledge on important areas of patient care across the lifespan.

7. What is the timeline for the project? The event will be held in Summer 2019 and all preparation will take place in Spring 2019.

8. What is the desired outcome? The desired outcome is enhanced learning for symposium attendees, exposure for the North Carolina Nurses Association, increased membership of our state nursing governing body, access to free education and continued learning, and enhancement of nursing credentials and knowledge.