SHAHS Assistant Professor Appointed to National Academies of Practice

Dr. Michele PediconeOctober 5, 2022 - Dr. Michele Pedicone, clinical associate professor in respiratory therapy, has been appointed to the 15th Academy of the National Academies of Practice (NAP).

The NAP is a non-profit organization that advises governmental bodies on our healthcare system. Members are elected by their peers from multiple different health professions to join the only interprofessional group of healthcare practitioners and scholars dedicated to supporting affordable, accessible coordinated quality healthcare for all. “Respiratory Therapy doesn’t always get recognized so this is going to be very important for us,” Pedicone explained. Respiratory care is a new addition to the NAP, having been unanimously approved by the NAP Council during their meeting and new members will be inducted in March 2023. 

Pedicone is specializes in acute care of neonatal/pediatric patients and she joined the School of Health and Human Services’ new respiratory therapy program in 2021. “Who wouldn’t want to be on a groundbreaking new program? Just recognizing how important respiratory therapy is to so many people is important and to be able to be part of an innovative initiative that makes a real difference is very exciting. I feel like it’s a great honor.” Pedicone says.

According to Pedicone, this NAP designation will allow her to contribute to the community in certain ways, such as educating elected officials about respiratory therapy and public issues such as smoking cessation, telehealth, and other ways that will allow for better care of patients. “The NAP standards help keep our quality high,” Pedicone says. “I think it’s going to be a really good thing for respiratory therapists around the nation and our national organization who supports us to have this ability to collaborate.”