Continuing Education Opportunities and Professional Development

The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) provides continuing professional education and development to practitioners in health and human services fields such as nursing, public health, and social work. CWD facilitates workshops, seminars, short courses and online programs that meet the needs of the local workforce, while connecting students and faculty with industry professionals.

Current Opportunities

Data Analytics and Visualization for Public Health Practitioners

New classes start every two weeks on the 1st or 15th of the month
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The Online Asynchronous Course*, Data Analytics and Visualization for Public Health Practitioners, is brought to you by the North Carolina Public Health Training Center. This nine-module course provides an overview of a variety of key topics including data analytics foundation, data sources, data analysis techniques, data visualization techniques, and emerging issues in data analytics.  

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define data analytics​ 
  • Describe why data analytics is important to public health practitioners​ 
  • Describe the difference between quantitative and qualitative data analysis​ 
  • Locate and describe existing public health and health care related data and data sources at the local, state, and national level 
  • Describe common data analysis techniques​ 
  • Utilize descriptive analysis to describe a data set​ 
  • Apply data visualization techniques to tell a public health story​ 
  • Discuss emerging data analytic issues including big data 

Participants will achieve a professional certificate once they have successfully completed all modules. This course has an average completion time of approximately four hours from start to finish. Please note: this course is designed to be completed independently and is not moderated by an instructor.  

*asynchronous is a term used to describe forms of instruction that do not occur in the same place or at the same time. Upon registering, participants will complete the course via Canvas, UNCWs learning management system during days/times that are convenient for them. 

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Fast Track to Understanding Clinical Research

New classes start every two weeks on the 1st or 15th of the month

Begin a career in the rapidly expanding clinical research industry. Learn the key components of clinical trial operations and earn a Professional Certificate of Completion in Clinical Research Foundations from FuseCR. This 24-hour online certificate program is designed for anyone interested in learning more about clinical trials from a career perspective.  

  • Objectives
    • Explain the phases I-IV of clinical research, including pharmaceutical development, and the purpose and characteristics of each phase.
    • Explain the steps involved in conducting a clinical trial from a pharmaceutical company or CRO perspective from protocol development to final report.
    • Identify core ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects and to ensure data integrity.
    • Describe specific regulations, guidelines, and measures designed to protect study participants and monitor study data.
    • Locate and apply Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines to clinical research scenarios.
    • Explore and identify key roles and responsibilities of clinical research careers.

    Module Objectives

  • Participant Profile

    This course is designed for people who want to:

    • learn key concepts and expand their knowledge of the clinical research industry.
    • prepare for a career in this viable industry.
    • conduct clinical research in their clinical practice.
  • Session Highlights

    We utilized six clinical research professionals in various fields with more than 140 years of collective experience in the industry. These instructors collaborated to produce an introduction and overview of clinical trial operations. We offer this course from a career perspective and provide resources to help participants break into the industry.

  • Testimonials
    • 100% of participants said that the course was a good value for money.
    • Fast Track provided me [with] insight into the clinical research industry, the different critical components, functional areas and career opportunities available."
    • This knowledge allowed me to decide which position would be the best fit for my business background and career aspirations."
  • Facilitators


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Fast Track to Clinical Data Management

New classes start every two weeks on the 1st or 15th of the month

This online 12-hour foundational course in clinical data management provides an overview of key regulations, guidance, and industry standards that apply to data management. Participants will learn common clinical data management roles, documents, and the project life cycle. 

This certificate program is unique because students will practically apply their knowledge and learn the core tasks of data entry, data review, and query management in the data management system, Medidata Solutions. Students will earn  digital and portable Medidata Rave EDC certificates as they complete e-learnings and a certificate of completion from UNCW. 

  • Objectives
    • Recognize key regulations, guidance and industry standards that apply to clinical data management
    • Recall common clinical data management roles
    • Describe common clinical data management documents
    • Give examples of common clinical data management systems
    • Summarize principles of clinical database and data collection instrument design
    • Recall key elements of quality, compliance and inspection readiness
    • Explain the typical clinical data management project life cycle 
    • Perform core tasks of data entry, date review and query management


  • Participant Profile

    This course is designed for people who:

    • have a basic understanding of the clinical research industry but wish to learn more about data management
    • enjoying learning new software systems and gaining hands on experience
    • are seeking employment in the clinical research industry in data management
  • Session Highlights

    Students will gain access to the MediED clinical data management system and will perform hands-on tasks to receive certification from UNCW and digital badges from Medidata Rave. Following successful completion of the course, students will be invited to join Medidata’s MediED Alumni LinkedIn for updates on technology advancements and updated trainings.

  • Testimonials
    • We heard the needs of our past Fast Track students and created this course to meet the demand for experience in clinical data management systems.
    • Linda is a Qualified Clinical Research Trainer through the International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research (IAOCR).
  • Facilitator

    Linda Shostak has more than 18 years of experience in clinical research in the areas of data management, quality assurance, and project management. She is currently an instructor at UNC Wilmington and Senior Director of Biometrics Optimization and Training at Syneos Health. Shostak has participated in numerous clinical research studies in the areas of oncology, general medicine and rare diseases. She teaches data management to both undergraduate and graduate students in the UNCW Clinical Research program.

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