College of Arts & Sciences

Assessment Overview

The assessment of student learning guides our curricula and is a critical component of the powerful UNCW learning experience, both for our curriculum (University Studies) and for our degree and certificate programs. We focus on how the university and every program in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) contribute to student development.

Student learning is assessed in all academic programs, as well as in student based programs such as MarineQuest. All programs have developed student learning outcomes that are aligned to the UNCW Learning Goals, and these outcomes are assessed regularly according to program assessment plans. UNCW is committed to sharing its process and evidence of student learning with all constituencies, and continually evaluates those efforts using the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Transparency Framework

The success of our students is assessed using a variety of means: course-embedded assessments, program portfolios, nationally recognized tools such as the Collegiate Learning Assessment, ETS Major Fields Tests, and the National Survey of Student Engagement, professional certification rates, and graduation and retention rates. In addition to these, our educational programs also utilize annual assessment reporting, academic program review, national and regional awards, and professional accreditation to continually improve the learning experience for all UNCW students.