Cultural Arts Building Gallery

Fall 2022 Senior Exhibition

Fall 2022 Senior Exhibition

November 17 - December 16, 2022
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 17, 2022 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30

The Fall 2022 Senior Exhibition is a capstone requirement for UNCW seniors graduating with a degree in Studio Art. This exhibition features artwork from 12 graduating seniors: 

Kase Call 

Karis Finn 

Olivia Froelich 

Claire Golder 

Amanda Heitchue 

Hannah Iovanna 

Ricky Lopez 

Shae Norton 

Kevin Paradis 

Hailey Randall 

Charlotte Sperry 

Tailore Wornom 

Through a wide variety of mediums and content, Kase Call uses different materials to create visual discussions about incarceration and intergenerational trauma. Amanda Heitchue is a ceramicist whose wheel-thrown pieces explore the representation and expression of worldly topics. Kevin Paradis bridges reality and concept through contemplative animations. Karis Finn creates organic and non-organic mixed media installations to shed light on different forms of love. Ricky Lopez takes on the concept of martial art and cartoon action with his print piece. Shae Norton is an animator that brings to light controversial topics and in turn makes them more socially understood. Using sandpaper to grind charcoal into layers of thick paper, Olivia Froelich creates vulnerable self-portraits as a way to confront and process her own trauma. Hailey Randall is an artist and graphic designer who draws inspiration through her experience with anxiety and fears. Claire Golder combines her interests in creative writing, theatrical design, and the fine arts into pieces which explore the possibilities of storytelling through art. By using charcoal and gray tone soft pastels, Tailore Wornom expresses what it is like to be a woman struggling with the dark emotions caused by shame and high expectations. Hannah Iovanna experiments with the visual language of femininity through her intimate still life paintings. Lastly, combining mixed media and Pop-art flair, Charlotte Sperry celebrates artists who passed away at the height of their musical career due to their respective struggles with substance abuse. 

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