Cultural Arts Building Gallery

Image of work by Gene A. Felice II entitled: Lotus Ironwork

Gene A. Felice II Solo Exhibition: Art & Science in Conversation
January 17 - February 22
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17, 5:30–7 p.m.

Gene Felice II, the Department’s newest faculty member bridges his creative practice across art, science, education and design. Gene's hybrid practice grows at the intersection of nature and technology, developing interactive work using a variety of input and output sources such as bio and eco sensors, motion, sound and light. His projected video and animated imagery transform two dimensional surfaces and architectural structures into three-dimensional storytelling systems. He also employs ecologically minded materials through hybrid fabrication methods such as 3D printing, CNC milling & laser cutting, combining digital and analog technologies to create innovative 3-dimensional work. To learn more about his work and Coaction 
Lab, visit &

Two workshops were organized for the ocasion of the exhibition: 

Friday, February 1
Video Projection Mapped Microscopy Workshop: 1:30 p.m.


Friday, February 15
Air and Water Sensing / Interaction via Arduino / DIY Electronics Workshop: 3 p.m.


Aside from a variety of art and science inspired work, professor Felice will also be displaying his recent Iron Lotus Project from his four-week residency in Alexandria Egypt, working with the U.S. Consulate, American Arts Incubator Program. 

The show evolved throughout its duration, displaying additional work-in-progress, evening video projection mapping performances via the Mobile Coaction Lab and a series of Friday afternoon, creative technology workshop sessions. Times and dates of the workshops are listed above.