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The Cultural Arts Building, on UNCW's campus, is home to two Galleries, our main Art Gallery and the Mezzanine gallery. Our main Art Gallery hosts national, international student, and faculty exhibits and a public reception is held for each exhibit where all exhibitions are free and open to the public. The Mezzanine gallery hosts student solo, group and curated exhibits.  Learn more about how our galleries are a resource for the Department of Art and Art History, the UNCW campus, and Wilmington community by browsing the options below.


 The Value of Art in Times of Crisis


In the midst of the latest tragedy in a long history of systemic inequality and the silencing of voices, I struggle with meaningful ways to respond and how I can lend my voice and the voice of the department to conversation and action. And then I realize that throughout the history of Art that is exactly what artists have done. Art communicates ideas, it tells powerful stories and when people spend time with the art, when they reflect, something is passed on.

 Art doesn’t have to be political to be valuable, it just has to help us see the world differently. That is something that it does by definition. Art doesn’t help with the short-term fix (not always), but it does play a role in the long-term solution. Art defines, or reflects, culture.

 We have the resources to do this. Through Art History, Studio and Digital Art we can respond to the world around us and create change.  We need it.

 - Aaron Wilcox

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