Assessment at UNCW


Assessment in Support and Service Programs


There are two purposes to this section of the report. The first is for internal use. The information in this section helps employees in the unit understand who is responsible for implementation of each tool and how often it is done. The second purpose is to help external readers understand where the data is coming from and what information to expect in the results section each year.

For each assessment tool, describe who is responsible for implementing the tool and how the tool will be administered, for example as an annual survey or a survey directly after an event; to all users or a random sample of users. If sampling will be used, describe why and how it will be done. If a survey is a national survey, explain the local implementation. Will counts of participants come from an online registration mechanism, head counts, or sign in? You might explain how the data will be collected and stored. Include a timeline for implementation, including in which semesters or years data will be collected for each outcome and/or tool. For example, you might implement a local survey every other year and a nation survey every five year. You can also use this space to describe timelines/future plans for assessing outcomes which are not currently being assessed.