Assessment at UNCW

General Education Assessment

2015 Annual Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Report Overview
  • Diversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • 2015 Report Discussion and Recommendations
    • Discussion
    • Scorer Feedback on Process

      Scorers were asked to provide feedback on the process at the end of the scoring event via likert-scale and open-ended questions.

      Scorers agreed or strongly agreed that process was an appropriate way to assess students on the UNCW learning goals and is valuable in improving student learning. Most scorers agreed or strongly agreed that they felt comfortable scoring outside of their disciplines, though two scorers did respond neutrally on this question. All scorers would recommend participating in the process to their colleagues and would be willing to participate themselves again.

      Scorers were asked to report the parts of the process that worked best. As in years past, most scorers liked best the norming session and working with partners to talk about and score student work. Scorers also indicated that increasing the amount of norming and benchmark papers would be useful in the future as would allowing for more flexibility and time in completing the scoring (rather than requiring all scoring be done during the 8-hour scoring event).

    • Interrater Reliability
    • Follow-up on Previous Recommendations
    • New Recommendations