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Jessica Lucus

Jessica Lucus, "Series of Spoons"

Series of Spoons
Porcelain and stoneware
Jessica Lucus, "Raku White Crackle Vases"

Raku White Crackle Vases
Porcelain and stoneware

Jessica Lucus, "Ripped pieces"

Ripped Pieces

Jessica Lucus

Jessica Lucus




Tell me about your process and starting point for this collection.
I had a picture of biomorphic shapes in my head and adding them to plates. With my vision for the spoons I started to work through what type of spoon I wanted. I wanted them to be handmade so you could see the artist’s hand and to make them rustic.

Why Art School?
I started in Birmingham, AL, taking art classes, got married and moved here and took one ceramics class at UNCW, which I had never done before. I knew I wanted to pursue art but had only explored and was struggling with what I wanted to focus on, even though I knew it was art. I fell in love after that class.

Why ceramics?
I like how something can turn into itself, you don’t know what it will look like, its’ a surprise and turns out how you didn’t expect it to look. 

What words would you use to describe your art?
Rustic, changing, biomorphic, about the process, on the wheel, rather than finished product.

Plans after graduating?
Teaching art in a High School.