UNCW's North Carolina Community College Degree Plans

Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs) have been developed for all majors at UNCW. These BDPs are designed to serve as guides to assist North Carolina Community College students with choosing appropriate coursework to meet both major and general education requirements. All transfer guides are an example of how a student could complete a transferable degree at a North Carolina Community College and then transfer to UNCW to complete a Bachelor’s degree. Please note, completion of a transferable degree does not guarantee admission to the University or that the Bachelor’s degree will be completed in two years after transferring. Students and advisors are strongly encouraged to review the guides carefully and read all information provided to fully understand the transfer process and make a plan for Bachelor’s degree completion.

Students transferring from a four-year institution or an out-of-state institution should refer to the major program worksheets and the Transfer Credit Equivalency Tool to determine how their credit will transfer to UNCW.


Cameron School of Business

B.A. Economics 
B.S. Business Administration, Accountancy
B.S. Business Administration- Analytics                                        
B.S. Business Administration, Economics 
B.S. Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and
Business Development 
B.S. Business Administration, Finance 
B.S. Business Administration, Human Resource
B.S. Business Administration, Information Systems 
B.S. Business Administration, International Business 
B.S. Business Administration, Management and Leadership 
B.S. Business Administration, Marketing Strategy 
B.S. Business Administration, Marketing Professional Selling 
B.S. Business Administration, Supply Chain Management 

College of Arts and Sciences

B.A. Anthropology
B.A. Art History
B.A. Biology
B.S. Biology 
B.A. Chemistry 
B.S. Chemistry 
B.A. Communication Studies
B.S. Computer Science, Biology Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Business Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Chemistry Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Digital Arts Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Geographic Information Systems Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Neuroscience Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Statistics Concentration 
B.S. Computer Science, Systems Concentration
B.F.A. Creative Writing
B.A. Criminology 
B.A. Digital Arts
B.A. English, Literary Studies 
B.A. English, Professional Writing 
B.A. English, Teacher Licensure 
B.A. Environmental Sciences 
B.S. Environmental Sciences- Biological Sciences Concentration
B.S. Environmental Sciences- Environmental Conservation Concentration
B.S. Environmental Sciences- Physical Science Concentration
B.A. Film Studies
B.A. French
B.A. Geography 
B.S. Geology- Academic Option
B.S. Geology- Professional Option
B.A. Geosciences 
B.A. German Studies 
B.A. History  
B.S. Information Technology 
B.A. International Studies 
B.A. Mathematics 
B.S. Mathematics 
B.S. Marine Biology 
B.A. Music - Instrumental
B.A. Music - Jazz Studies
B.A. Music - Music Technology
B.A. Music - Piano Performance
B.A. Music - Vocal Performance
B.M. Music Education- Guitar/Keyboard/Vocal
B.M. Music Education- Winds and Percussion 
B.S. Oceanography
B.A. Philosophy & Religion 
B.A. Physics - Environmental Physics 
B.A. Physics - General Physics
B.A. Physics- Physical Oceanography
B.S. Physics - Applied
B.S. Physics - General
B.A. Political Science
B.A. Psychology 
B.A. Sociology - General
B.A. Sociology - Public
B.A. Spanish 
B.S. Statistics
B.A. Studio Art 
B.A. Theatre - Customized Option
B.A. Theatre - Design and Technology Option
B.A. Theatre - Performance Option 

College of Health and Human Services

B.S. Clinical Research
B.S. Exercise Science-Allied Health Concentration
B.S. Exercise Science - Exercise Physiologist Certificate
B.S. Healthful Living and Fitness Education - K-12
B.S. Healthful Living and Fitness Education - Lifetime Fitness
B.S. Nursing 
B.S. Public Health - Community Health Education
B.S. Public Health- Gerontology
B.S. Public Health- Global Health
B.S. Public Health - Pre-Clinical
B.S. Recreation, Sports Leadership, and Tourism Mgmt
B.S. Recreation, Sports Leadership, and Tourism Mgmt - Hospitality, Tourism, Events
B.S. Recreation, Sports Leadership, and Tourism - Public & Non- Profit
B.S. Recreation Therapy
B.S.W. Social Work 

Watson College of Education

B.A. Anthropology -Social Studies Licensure
B.A. Biology - Teacher Licensure
B.A. Chemistry - Teacher Licensure
B.A. Education of Young Children
B.A. Elementary Education
B.S. Geology- Teacher Licensure
B.A. Healthful Living and Fitness Education - K-12
B.A. History - Teacher Licensure
B.A. Middle Grades Education - Language Arts
B.A. Middle Grades Education- Math
B.A. Middle Grades Education- Science
B.A. Middle Grades Education - Social Studies
B.A. Sociology - Teacher Licensure
B.A. Spanish - Teacher Licensure
B.A. Special Education, Adapted Track 
B.A. Special Education, General Track 

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