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CTL Program Details


  1. Develop student outcomes that are realistic, measurable, and valuable.
  2. Develop curriculum, classroom activities, and learning experiences that enable students to achieve identified learning outcomes.
  3. Apply effective curriculum models, instructional practices, and delivery formats for post-secondary students in a variety of learning experiences.
  4. Develop and apply the knowledge and skills of designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating post-secondary learning environments and programs that are accessible for individuals with disabilities and are responsive to learners' diversity and cultural differences.
  5. Use critical thinking, appropriate technology, and problem-solving skills to foster creativity and innovation in post-secondary education.
  6. Utilize data and findings from assessments and other data sources to modify instructional methods and content to enhance student learning in a variety of learning environments.

The minimum admission standards for candidates for the College Teaching and Learning Certificate program are one or more of the following:

  • Be currently enrolled in a doctoral program.
  • A master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in this country, or its equivalent in a foreign institution, Or
  • Be currently enrolled in a master's program, Or
  • Hold a bachelor's degree and currently teaching in a community college or four-year institution.

Individuals interested in teaching in post-secondary education settings should know that to be eligible to teach at a community college they must first earn a Master’s degree in an academic discipline and have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in each discipline that they hope to teach. Individuals hoping to teach at a four-year institution typically must earn at least a Master’s degree to teach undergraduate students and a Doctorate degree to teach graduate students. In addition, some professional programs at a four-year institution require 18 graduate credit hours in the academic discipline. This Certificate in College Teaching and Learning is not a substitute for any of the above noted educational requirements.

No transfer credit from another institution will be counted toward the completion of the certificate program with the exception of courses offered as part of an agreement between the certificate program and collaborating institutions.

No. A certificate graduate student may enroll on either a part-time or a full-time basis.