Instructions for completing the Certification of Credentials Form

  • This form is required for all employees listed as instructor of record on a for-credit course
    • All transcripts for conferred degrees must be on file with AARM Personnel prior to form submission
  • Please complete each field as indicated on the form.
  • Banner ID number should be left blank if not yet assigned, otherwise a Banner ID is required.
  • A CIP code is required to indicate the primary teaching field within the assigning department, as listed at the top of the cert form.
    • For those hired/assigned to teach in multiple fields within one department, please choose the primary teaching field from the CIP code dropdown, list all courses in the Course(s) or grouping of courses candidate will teach fields, and make a note in the comment box that they are being credentialed to and are qualified to teach in this secondary field as well as the primary field.
  • Terminal Degree info must be checked yes or no before form is moved forward from appointing Dept./Unit.
    • NOTE: This refers to whether the degree is terminal in the intended teaching field, not in the field in which the degree was conferred
  • Please list all courses the candidate is being credentialed to teach in the Course(s) or grouping of courses candidate will teach fields.
  • One box must be checked to identify credentials held and course level assigned to hire.
    • If you choose the EXCEPTION option, you must include/attach one item from each bullet listed in the table below.
Required EXCEPTION Documentation
  • Statement of justification from, chair, dean or other administrator approving recommendation
  • External evidence/documentation of credentials & competency
  • External evaluations (book reviews, teaching evaluations, language exams, external degree completion certifications,honors, awards, etc.)