Academic Affairs

Provost Committee: Internship Advisory Committee

Internship Advisory Committee Provost's Committee (standing)
Established Spring 2005

Duties. To review internship activities throughout the UNCW campus. To enhance the quality of UNCW's academic environment and the student learning experience through recommendations to the provost, academic deans, Career Services and university faculty and staff regarding appropriate policies and procedures to implement and support a seamless internship program on the UNCW campus. Also to serve as a liaison to university faculty, staff, students, and internship employers to encourage participation in UNCW's internship program. The committee will collaborate closely with University counsel to guide UNCW internship activity within state and federal legal practices.

Membership. Sixteen voting members as follows: Eleven faculty and/or staff, as designated by the appropriate dean, representing the four undergraduate schools and five ex officio university officials: the Registrar, the Director of High Impact Pathways, the Director of the Career Center, the university internship coordinator within the Career Center, and the Director of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. With the exception of ex officio members, members will serve three-year staggered terms.