Academic Affairs

Banner Faculty Load & Compensation (FLAC)

Banner FLAC bridges the gap between Banner modules (HR / Finance / Student / Payroll) to deliver a comprehensive path to assigning and compensating (as applicable) faculty workload, with an emphasis on assignments outside of base workload.

FLAC replaces two custom-built UNCW applications, "HR Online" and "Supp Pay" tools, which are scheduled to be decommissioned because of a lack of technical support.

FLAC allows the user to match permanent or temporary "faculty"* with the courses already created in Banner by the Registrar (from the Student module), for assignment or overload teaching. Non-instructional assignments, whether paid or not, can also be easily captured in FLAC, which will allow a more comprehensive view to workload assignments. Any of these actions, however, can be individually customized as circumstances may require.

An added benefit is that the individual faculty member now will have easy-to-use, self-directed access (through SeaNet/Banner self-service) to acknowledge assignments as they occur, as well as view their overall record for actions that have been entered through FLAC.

Based on job actions being entered, FLAC will automatically calculate the applicable compensation (based on each college/area's specific compensation schedules), apply contract language, and establish a payroll action record for review, authorization, and acknowledgment by a variety of roles, all occurring electronically. This eliminates the current requirements to print authorization forms an re-entering job data after approval.

Key Features:

  • Ability for faculty to acknowledge each assignment, prior to processing for payment.
  • Faculty view of individual assignments, including course detail and compensation associated with each assignment.
  • Functionality to accommodate both instructional and non-instructional assignments.
  • A comprehensive, electronic process, with audit mode, to create job records in Banner HR to be used in processing actions to employees paychecks.
  • Uses standard Banner functionality to eliminate maintenance and obsolescence of custom-built applications and save time and money.

*At UNCW, Banner FLAC can capture assignments for any employee with an Instructional credential in Banner SIAINST, with the exception of graduate Students. Additional assignments (including teaching) for graduate students and all other eligible employees will be captured through Banner EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form).