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SharePoint is a collaboration software solution to assist faculty, staff and students with group communication. SharePoint provides many features such as document management, online calendars, team discussions and much more.

Log In to SharePoint

Log in at: (Use your full UNCW email address and current password.)

SharePoint Training

Audience Course Supplier Course Title Mode of Delivery
All Clients * UNCW SkillPort Introduction to SharePoint at UNCW Online CBT
All Clients * UNCW SkillPort Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Dummies Online
"Books 24x7"
All Clients Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Resources for End Users Online
List Managers * UNCW SkillPort Microsoft SharePoint 2010: UNCW List Manager Training Online CBT
List Managers * UNCW SkillPort Office and SharePoint 2010 User's Guide: Integrating SharePoint with Excel, Outlook, Access and Word Online
"Books 24x7"

* To Access SkillPort and view the online CBT courses and/or Books 24x7, login to mySeaport, click on the SkillPort CBT link, and search for the course/book title in the "Search for" box at the top of the SkillPort page.

Types of SharePoint Sites Available

  • Division / Department Sites

  • These sites allow collaboration for UNCW divisions and their respective departments. To request a site, see instructions on panel at right.
  • Community Sites

    Community sites are based around a common area of focus. Examples include academic research groups, student organizations and software user groups. To request a site, see instructions on panel at right.
    NOTE: Student Organizations can obtain a SharePoint community site for their group by filling out the Technology Request Form.
  • Team Sites

    Team sites are available for any committees or special project teams. To request a team site, see instructions on panel at right.
  • "My Site" Personal Site

    By default, all faculty, staff and students have a My Site created automatically. This site contains your personal profile that other SharePoint users can view. You can customize this site to your personal preferences.

Need Help?

For 24/7 self-help, log in to the ITS knowledge base and search for answers.