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Faculty & Staff Meal Plans

NEW! Faculty & Staff Meal Plan Promotion September 1st - October 15th (PDF)

  • Sign up for a Meal Plan from 09/01 - 10/15 and you, and one friend, will receive a FREE Campus Dining punch card - $100 Value; One per person.
  • Punch Cards will be mailed to eligible faculty/staff the week of October 19th.
  • We will contact those who sign-up for a meal plan for referral information -- let us know who you want to receive the second 'referral' card. (One per person.)

The new Faculty & Staff Campus Dining Club offers four great options for faculty and staff to save money and enjoy the convenience of eating on campus.  Eat on campus and save!

  • See our Campus Dining locations and menus.
  • Your faculty/staff meal plan has no expiration date.
  • You can use your faculty/staff meal plan for any meal.
  • You can treat friends or guests with your meal swipes or food dollars.
  • Having a meal plan is convenient- no need to carry cash. Your meal plan is on your UNCW One Card.
  • No need to waste gas leaving campus or worry about packing a lunch the night before.

Faculty/Staff Dining Club Meal Plan Options

  • Meal swipes can be used at Wagoner Hall or Dub’s Café in the Warwick Center. Each meal swipe gives you “All You Care to Eat” from any of the food choices at these two locations.
  • Food Dollars can be used for any food item at any dining location on campus, including vending machines and food trucks!
  • Sales Tax Info: Meal Swipes will be taxed at the time of the Meal Plan purchase and Food Dollars will be taxed as they are used.

Meal Plan


Special Faculty/Staff “Try Me” Combo Plan

10 meal swipes
Cost per meal = $5.50
$20 Food Dollars PLUS $5 BONUS Food Dollars   

$55.00 + $3.85 tax + $20 Food Dollars = $78.85

Faculty/Staff Meal Swipe Plan

20 meal swipes
Cost per meal = $5.00

$100.00 + $7.00 tax = $107.00

Faculty/Staff Food Dollars Plan

$120 Food Dollars  

You make your food selections, present your card, and the total is deducted from the balance. 

$100.00 (taxed when used) = $100.00

Faculty/Staff Combo Plan

Combine the Meal Swipe Plan and the Food Dollars Plan to enjoy the benefits of having both meal swipes and Food Dollars and save even more.

$95.00 Meal Swipe + $6.65 Tax = $101.65 + $100 Food Dollars = $201.65

Signing Up for Your Faculty/Staff Meal Plan

Faculty Staff Dining Club Sign-Up Form Link

Who is Eligible to Join the Faculty/Staff Campus Dining Club?

All UNCW faculty and staff members (full-time or part-time) and UNCW on-campus partners (Barnes & Noble, Defender, etc.) are eligible.

Payment Options

  • UNCW faculty and staff members paid on the end-of-month payroll can pay for their meal plan through payroll deduction, cash, check or credit card.
    • Faculty and staff having a current payroll deduction for a previously purchased meal plan may not sign up for an additional meal plan, using payroll deduction, until it is satisfied.  They may use cash, credit card or check to pay for the additional meal plan  purchase.
  • UNCW faculty and staff members paid on the mid-month payroll can pay for their meal plan by cash, check or credit card.

  • UNCW on-campus partners (Barnes & Noble, Defender, etc.). can pay for their meal plan by cash, check or credit card.
(Payroll deductions include tax.)

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans

1 payroll

3 consecutive payroll periods

Faculty/Staff "Try Me" Combo Plan



Faculty/Staff Meal Swipe Plan



Faculty/Staff Food Dollars Plan



Faculty/Staff Combo Plan




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