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Life Lessons: Shakespeare helps kids with autism

A new study showed improvement in the social and communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using a signature approach pairing the recitation of Shakespeare’s rhythmic language with physical gesture. Robin Root of the Department of Theatre at the University of North Carolina Wilmington participated in this research.

Deadly bacteria in seafood is on the rise due to climate change, study says

The higher water temperatures in the North Atlantic are more hospitable for Vibrio bacteria, many of which can make people very sick. Lawrence Cahoon, a professor of biology and marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, says “it's one of the scarier bacteria out there."

An article co-authored by Dr. Jeffrey Brudney, the Betty and Dan Cameron Family Distinguished Professor of Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector, has been selected to receive the Editor’s Prize for Best Article in the journal Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

“In Search of Strategy: Universalistic, Contingent, and Configurational Adoption of Volunteer Management Practices,” was co-written with Mark A. Hager. The award will be presented at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Conference in November in Washington, DC.

Sarah Karafas and Alexis Marti represented the MARBIONC program at the ICHA 17th International Conference of Harmful Algae.  The meeting took place in Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil 9-14 October 2016. At the same meeting, the Algal Resource Collection of MARIONC partnered with IKA Works (Wilmington NC) to present and market IKA’s new 10L photobioreactor for culturing fragile marine algae. IKA developed the product line in close collaboration with the Carmelo Tomas group at MARBIONC, and continues to modify and enlarge the culture capacity to 100L for bioactive compound isolation and development. 

Janine and Martin, this is one of the first successful university-derived business products to be marketed from UNCW’s translational science program. The picture is the display set up by IKA in Brazil, at the meeting where all of the world’s experts in marine and freshwater harmful algae convene every four years.

Dr. Atkins was recognized by the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators, the most active affiliate of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, for his dedicated service and leadership as President-Elect and President of the organization for the past five years. The Carolinas Writing Program Administrators represent writing program administrators, directors, and/or coordinators of writing program instruction, and provide theoretical, practical and administrative support throughout both North and South Carolina’s colleges, universities, and community colleges.