NOTE: All outgoing invitations, both internal and external, must be approved by OUR before distribution. Once you have edited the downloaded PDF invitation, save as a .jpg file and forward the final draft to with a subject line of APPROVAL. Please allow 7–10 days for review.

Printable Invitations

UNCW Wordmark template UNCW Invitation UNCW Wordmark IIUNCW Invitation II Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Electronic Invitations

UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark I UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark II UNCW Wordmark templateWordmark III
UNCW Wordmark templateTalking Sammy UNCW Wordmark templateGo Seahawks UNCW Wordmark templateSurprise Sammy
UNCW Wordmark templateDare to Soar UNCW Wordmark templateDare to Soar II UNCW Wordmark template

Coming Soon

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