University Learning Center

Resources for Writing Tutors

Below are several resources for new and returning writing tutors who work for Writing Services at the University Learning Center. The most important is our Tutor Handbook which provides you with everything you need to know to start tutoring at the ULC. The other resources can you help you become a better informed and more effective writing tutor.

Tutor Handbooks:

The Handbook for All ULC Tutors

The Handbook for Writing Tutors

Randall Library Referral Form

Other Resources for Writing Tutors:

Below is a list of external websites with information that any writing tutor would find helpful.

1. The Writing Lab Newsletter

2. PeerCentered

3. The National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing

4. The Writing Centers Research Project

5. "Training for Tough Tutorials" Guides with Video Clips - University of Richmond

6. Punctuation Presentation - by Laura Fussell (powerpoint)

7. A Guide to Tutoring Non-Native English Speaking Students - John Jay College of Criminal Justice

8. Writing Services Introduction and Writing Review (powerpoint)

9. Another Word: a Writing Center Blog from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

10. Written Communication VALUE Rubric - AACU