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Transfer Seminar- UNI 201

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About UNI 201

Transitioning to a new institution can be a confusing process for even the most prepared students.  UNI 201: Transfer Seminar is designed to support transfer students in transitioning to campus and optimizing their UNCW experience. Critical thinking, informational literacy skills, discussion, and group collaboration are emphasized as students focus on topics that are important to transfer student success and college success in general.  Such topics include: academic strategies, campus resources, campus policies and procedures, major and career planning, conducting research, involvement and engagement, financial literacy, goal setting, and progress towards graduation.  Starting in fall 2014: Transfer Seminar is a three credit hour course that fulfills three hours of writing intensive and three hours of information literacy competency requirements within University Studies.

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Why a Transfer Seminar?

Since the 1960s, research on transfer students has indicated that after students transfer to a new institution they face transfer shock.  Transfer shock refers to the tendency for transfer students to "experience a temporary dip in grade point average during the first or second semester at the new institution" (Thurmond, 2007, para. 1).  Further, research has indicated that a supportive classroom environment during the first semester at a new institution helps shape transfer student academic success (Townsend, 1995).  This course was designed with this research and the goal of supporting transfer students in mind.

What do students get from this course?

Whether transferring directly from another institution or from the military, this course is perfect for transfers during their first-semester at UNCW.  Students leave UNI 201 with a sense of community at UNCW and a greater understanding of college student transitions. They will have formed a relationship with a faculty member in their major, built a comprehensive academic and career plan, and learned about the campus resources that will help them succeed. 

In addition, transfer students often find they have curricular questions and concerns after transferring to UNCW.  Some may find that they do not automatically earn Writing Intensive and/or Information Literacy competency credit for courses they transferred in.  Since the competencies are required for graduation, UNI 201 helps fill the competency gap for many transfer students.  Successful completion of UNI 201 provides transfer students with three hours of their Writing Intensive and three hours of their Information Literacy competency requirements.

UNI 201 can only be taken by incoming transfer students during their first semester at UNCW.  It is important to recognize that the first semester at UNCW is the only opportunity transfers will have to take the course and earn the attached writing intensive and information literacy competencies.  Transfer students who do not choose to pursue UNI 201 their first semester at UNCW will have to fulfill these competencies through other coursework.     

Transfer Peer Mentors

During transitions it is important to have multiple layers of support.  One of the most important forms of support during this time is provided by peers.  Each UNI 201 student is assigned a Transfer Peer Mentor who shares their experience of transferring to UNCW.  Transfer Peer Mentors attend every UNI 201 class session and serve to help transfers make a successful transition. 

Meet our peer mentors!



Hometown: Whiteville NC

Major: History, Minor: Psychology

Transferred from a 4-year school

Favorite UNCW memory so far: Being encouraged by my favorite professor and the entire history department to follow my heart and be a history major because they all saw my potential

Involvement at UNCW: Transfer Peer Mentor, Graduation Marshall, and Catalyst Leadership Conference

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Take your education seriously and try new things!



Major: Psychology

Favorite UNCW memory so far: Going to a UNCW soccer game with my friends

Involvement at UNCW: Member of Entrepreneurship Club and Catholic Campus Ministry

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Always go to class!



Hometown: Detroit, MI

Major: Exercise Science

Served in the Marine Corps

Favorite UNCW memory so far: I attended a medical conference with MAPS which was one of the most exciting educational experiences I have had to date

Involvement at UNCW: Student Veterans Organization, served as community service chair with MAPS, BSU member, Graduation Marshall, Assistant Coordinator for the Wilmington Police Athletic League which has partnered with UNCW to serve underprivileged youth in Wilmington

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! I have received alot of residual opportunities because I volunteered and it has afforded me great networking opportunities



Hometown: Concord, NC

Major: Marine Biology

Transferred from a 4-year school

Favorite UNCW memory so far: I am very fond of when I became a transfer peer mentor. I enjoy helping out the students any way I can and feel like it has helped me a lot in various academic and personal ways.

Involvement at UNCW: SAO Sorority, Transfer Student Organization (TSO), Graduation Marshall, Transfer Peer Mentor

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Get involved on campus!



Hometown: Statesville, NC

Major: Athletic Training

Served in the Marine Corps for 8 years

Favorite UNCW memory so far: The day I got my acceptance letter into the UNCW Athletic Training Education Program. It was an amazing feeling to know that all my hard work over the past year had payed off

Involvment at UNCW: Transfer Peer Mentor and Athletic Training Student Association

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Plan ahead, but take school one day at a time. Its a new experience at at a new atmosphere, so don't overwhelm yourself with things you have no control over



Hometown: London, England

Major: Double major in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Leadership and Communication Studies

Worked full time and transferred from a 4-year institution in Geneva, Switzerland

Favorite UNCW memory so far: Joining a great team of projectionists and having advisors I can go to for help

Involvement at UNCW: Working for Campus Life, Transfer Peer Mentor, Transfer Student Organization (TSO), International Student Organization (ISO), Graduation Marshall, Seahawk Leadership Conference, Catalyst Leadership Conference

One tip you would give another Transfer student: Get involved, attend as many events as possible and never be afraid to ask for help!



UNI 201 Faculty

The dedicated instructors of UNI 201 represent many of the important campus offices transfer students depend on.  Each instructor has a background working with transfer students and meeting their unique needs.  Whether it is academic advising, career counseling, or tutoring, the UNI 201 faculty team is equipped to provide an additional level of support to transfers who choose to take the course.


Thurmond, K.C. (2007). Transfer shock: Why is a term forty years old still relevant? Retrieved from NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web site:

Townsend, B. K. (1995). Community college transfer students: A case study of survival. Review of Higher Education, 18 (2), 175.


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