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Homecoming Parade
Homecoming Parade


Teaching Fellows recently put on a Teacher's Night Out to thank WSE professors and New Hanover County teachers for supporting our program.


Amy Rottmann

Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Amy Rottmann

Trent Crumpler

Teaching Fellows President

Trent Crumpler

UNCW Teaching Fellows Go Above and Beyond.

Here are some of their achievements:


Freshman Class:

Regional Screening

  • Taylor Bryson and Abbey Starling were named Freshman class representatives.
  • A week after Valentine’s Day, the freshman Teaching Fellows channeled their love into warming the lives of Alzheimer’s patients at the local Assisted Living facility, Spring Arbor Spring event. Freshman representatives Taylor Bryson and Abbey Starling brought all of the freshman Teaching Fellows together to reach out into the community and shine some light. For two days, the freshmen worked on coloring pictures, making cards, purchasing warm socks, lotions, and chap sticks, and putting all these items together in love baskets for the residents at Spring Arbor. Upon delivery, the group spread such a selfless joy to all they encountered. They played piano, conversed, laughed, and enjoyed the presence and easiness of such an accepting group of residents. The Alzheimer’s unit workers were surprised and delighted to see how caring the Teaching Fellows at UNCW were, and both the employees and Fellows agree more “love” trips like this will be in their future!  -Abbey Starling

Sophomore Class: 

Open House

  • Chris Perez and Keslie Carrigan were named Sophomore class representatives.
  • This spring semester, the Sophomore Teaching Fellows have been busy at home and abroad. Currently three of our fellows are studying abroad: Caitlin McGraw is in Wales, Lindsey Justice is studying in England, while Julia Buckner is studying in France. We also are welcoming back Kelli Stephenson from her time studying in Colorado.

    For those of us still in Wilmington, we are busy preparing for our last days in our sophomore internships. Many of us have already taught our lessons, taking the next step towards becoming the professional teachers that we all set out to be.  The internships have been a great learning experience for all of us, where we have learned as much about ourselves as we have the teaching profession. 

    Recently in January, the sophomores hosted over 100 prospective Fellows for our annual Open House.  It was one of the largest turnouts our program has had for our main recruitment event. We look forward to a high number of these prospective Fellows selecting UNCW as their number one choice. Thank you to all of those that helped, including our Parent Panel, Alumni Speakers, and everyone else that contributed to our successful event. 

    Looking forward to this summer, the sophomores are preparing for their Junior Enrichment experiences. Many are going places far from home, ranging from Maryland for Camp Friendship, to Costa Rica and England. Junior Enrichment is one of our yearly required summer events, mandated by the state board, but one that everyone is looking forward to.

Junior Class:

December Social

  • Jill Baldwin and Kelsey Sawyers were named Junior class representatives.
  • The Junior Class enjoyed working on the 2010 December Social. PJ's, breakfast for dinner, and great talent really ended fall semester nicely! Our class is currently not planning anything, but we are all looking forward to our Senior Orientations that are coming up on spring break or in May. Being able to gain some perspective from school districts will really be beneficial in planning and preparing for our future career decisions. Wow, we can't believe the end of our Junior year is drawing near, where did time go??

Senior Class: 

Statue of Liberty

  • Tara Tillman and Tyler Grady were named Senior class representatives.
  • Members of the senior class participated in the Senior Orientation and Senior Conference.
  • Kristi Waltz, Katie Tyson, Nick Corak, Kathleen Epperson, and Katy Gwaltney have been selected to complete their student teaching abroad for 5 weeks in Belize! We look forward to hearing about their travels and welcoming them when they return to Wilmington!
  • The senior class has finally entered into their professional semester. Through gaining knowledge with each new experience, we have asked a few Fellows to reflect on how student teaching is going for them this semester:

    Tara Tillman:

    “Student teaching is where the real learning takes place.”

    Katy Gwaltney:

    “Student teaching is the most challenging yet most rewarding experience ever!”

    Tayler Deaton:

    “Student teaching is an awesome experience the leads to building relationships with the colleagues, students, and the community.” 

    Tyler Grady:

    “Student teaching begins as the scariest and toughest experience you go through, but it allows you to grow as a person in ways you can never imagine!”

  • As the senior class passes through its last semester of college, we remember all of our fondest memories. These memories include first night in Schwartz dorm together with pranks pulled all throughout the semester to sitting in each one of our Teaching Fellows seminars, traveling to New York, viewing all the sights and visiting the Harlem Youth Enrichment Zone. Lastly going to our final major Teaching Fellows events, Senior Conference, where we completed workshops on how to conduct our classes, all of which helped us get to the point we are at now. All of these trials and tribulations we have gone through as a cohort have helped to prepare us for our next big step in life, finding a job!