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What have we been doing?

During the end of October and the beginning of November, the UNCW Teaching Fellows hosted several incredible events, bringing them closer to assemble the community together. In October, the Teaching Fellows hosted a Major Affair, a great opportunity for the freshmen class to talk to older Teaching Fellows. The upperclassman gave ideas as to which classes to take and what would be the best pathway for each major. It was also a great way for the freshmen class to meet other Teaching Fellows that could help them throughout the entire year.

On October 28, the UNCW Teaching Fellows held the Halloween Carnival. The volunteers had an awesome time with the young kids in the community. At the Halloween Carnival, the kids played games and won prizes!  The bean-bag game was their favorite activity of the night, which won the children multiple rewards. 

On November 10, the Kickball Game was a major success!  Although the game was almost cancelled from the pouring rain, the participating Teaching Fellows embraced the mud with much excitement. It was a class versus class competition, with the juniors taking home the coveted handmade trophy at the end of a heartfelt game. 

On the weekend of November 13, thirteen Teaching Fellows took a trip down the coast to Charleston, South Carolina.  During the adventure, we were able to explore Middleton Place, a plantation whose landscaped gardens are of the oldest in America. The beautiful Spanish oaks, the rice beds, the rose gardens, the Ashley River, the reflection pool, and the opportunity to watch workers demonstrating their crafts and trades allowed the Fellows to envision life in the Low Country. After the tour of the plantation, we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company where we enjoyed great lowcountry cuisine and time to bond. Later we got to know the hidden secrets of downtown Charleston on a Ghost Tour. The wonderful stories of the areas that are haunted put a new twist on our perspectives on the city’s past and present state. Two days of perfect weather allowed us to experience the history of Charleston at its finest.

Scrapbook Sunday was also an excellent November event. It was a great chance to sit back and look at all that the Teaching Fellows have done. By putting together scrapbooks, we are creating memories that will last for future Fellows to enjoy.

A Major Affair!
Halloween Carnival !
Picture of Teaching Fellow Helping Out!
Trip to Charleston !

Amy Rottmann

Interim Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Picture of Amy Rottmann

Hello Fellows,

Where has the semester gone? I can’t believe that December is knocking on our doors, which means the Teaching Fellows events are coming to an end for the fall! We have had some great times with the events: I think Major Affair went wonderfully, the Kickball Tournament will never be forgotten, and Charleston was hauntingly fun.   The committees have provided some great opportunities for Fellows to intermingle and I know that friendships are being cultivated through these events.  Please remember that the events that you attend are created to help foster our families communication with one other, expand our reach into the community and the teaching profession and to have fun!

While I enjoy knowing that each of you are creating memories through the Teaching Fellows events, I want to remind you about staying on top of your class work! Classes are starting to wrap up, and I know you are all busy trying to get assignments done!! I love this saying by Benjamin Franklin, “You may delay, but time will not.”  I know that many of you are learning that if you procrastinate, time and technology will not be your friend.  Do not put off things or those things will devour your sanity! 

Take care and remember to choose joy,


Tyler Shumate

Teaching Fellows President

Picture of Tyler Shumate

Hello to all,

The warm months have come to an end and winter is quickly ushering in. With this change of seasons comes a renewed sense of vitality and vigor for the program. Our lovely Junior representatives, Tyler and Megan, are working strenuously to ensure that we have a splendid December Social. The semester has been a thriving success with a trip to Charleston. We also had a wet-n-wild kickball game with the Juniors dominating the competition and bringing home the gold.. Thanks to all of you who make this program a huge success on a daily basis. Enjoy Thanksgiving and the holidays with family and friends. I leave you with this: "A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."  ~Leo Buscaglia

Tyler Shumate

UNCW Teaching Fellows Go Above and Beyond.

Here are some of their achievements:

Freshman Class:

  • Jeren Hernandez and Christopher Perez were named Freshman class representatives.
  • Katie Brunner and Erika Murray were named SGA representatives.
  • Monet Hardison won a scholarship for her essay as a part of the Blueberry Festival.
  • Michelle Bruno made the UNCW softball team.

Sophomore Class: 

  • Congratulations to Patrick Oliver for becoming the New Membership Education Chair and Sam Bruce for becoming the Historian of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
  • Erika Woolbert joined the intermural volleyball team.

Junior Class:

  • Sarah Graham is engaged!
  • Members of the junior class participated in the Junior Enrichment and Junior Conference.
  • Ivy McCreary won the Alpha Phi Alpha pageant and will now move onto the district level.

Senior Class: 

  • Tyler Hixon received the Wentworth Travel Fellowship to study Hemmingway in Michigan.
  • Caroline Medford received the Reed Walmsley Award for her academic achievement and contributions to the Teaching Fellows Program.
  • Members of the senior class participated in the Senior Enrichment and Senior Conference.
  • Bre van Velzen was named president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society, and Maryanne Garris was named secretary and webmaster.
  • Karla Albertson was named Study Abroad Ambassador for UNCW.
  • Beth Woolbert joined the intermural volleyball team.