PED 101 Physical Activity and Wellness

Waiver and Substitution Guidelines


The student must provide the course description and/or syllabus in addition to written documentation of completion of one or multiple courses that contain the following two components of PED 101:

  1. Health/wellness cognitive content (wellness dimensions, physical activity program planning, disease risk reduction, stress management, nutrition, healthy communication, etc.)
  2. Physical activity (participation in physical activities equivalent in frequency, intensity, time, and type that contribute to national physical activity and health guidelines; cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility activities).

Military Service - Upon verification of Basic or Recruit Training, UNCW can waive the student’s physical education requirement of PED 101. If the student chooses to provide the DD-214 Discharge Document and was in good standing at the time of separation, UNCW can also waive the physical education requirement. Submit documentation of military service to the School of Health & Applied Human Sciences. The office is located in Trask Coliseum 156 (Phone: 910.962.4268).

Many military veterans also recieve elective credit hours for Basic Training, depending on their transcripts. In the event that PED 101 is waived and the 2 credit hours are not awarded, students are merely exempt from taking the class. However, in the event that the American Council on Education recommends that veterans recieve elective credit hours, the hours will go towards the 124 semester hours required for graduation.

Activity Courses from Other Institutions - Credits from activity courses from other institutions do not waive the PED 101 requirement unless the credits included the health/wellness cognitive content as well as the physical acitivity content as descirbe above.

Physical Limitations - If you have limitations regarding physical activity participation (as specified by your physician), written documentation from your physician is required indicating the type and amount of activity in which you are allowed to participate. This information is shared with the lab instructor and appropriate modifications will be made. If absolutely no physical activity is allowed, the student may substitute HEA 105 Individual Well-Being to fulfill the PED 101 requirement (see the Substitution Guidelines below).

Students 55 years or Older - If you are 55 years of age or older, PED 101 may be waived. You must email the PED 101 Coordinator ( in order for the waiver form to be completed and processed.

Substitution- A student with a physical disability/limitation that makes participation in any physical activity inadvisable (documented by a physician) may take HEA 105 Individual Well-Being to fulfill the PED 101 university studies requirement. Follow the approval process outlined below.

Waiver/Substitution Approval Process:

1. Student provides necessary documentation for the PED 101 Coordinator’s evaluation in one of the following ways:

2. PED 101 Coordinator contacts the student and completes the waiver/substitution form if approved.
3. Substitution/Waiver form is signed by the SHAHS Associate Director (copy retained for SHAHS files).
4. Signed form is forwarded to the Registrar’s office by SHAHS personnel.
5. The student's audit will show the waiver/substitution when the form has been processed by the Registrar.

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