Purchasing Services

Independent Contractors - Non-Compliance


Failure by a department to obtain all necessary approvals prior to the commencement of work is deemed non-compliant with university policy. Non-compliance carries the risk that payment may be denied. Purchasing will not process purchase orders in uShop nor sign a contract after-the-fact. In such cases the following steps are taken to request payment:

  • An audit memo is written by the person authorizing the commencement of work explaining why UNCW policy was not followed, and steps taken to make sure it does not happen again. This memo is acknowledged by dean or other senior officer. The memo is attached to the PUR 1.40 and submitted to HR and Tax.
  • PUR 1.40 "Application for Certification as Independent Contractor" is completed per instructions on the document, signed by the vendor, and submitted to HR, Tax Compliance, and Grant Officer (if applicable).
    • Signatures are placed in the "Comments" section at the bottom of the form.
  • A check request is prepared and submitted with the two documents to Purchasing. If approved, Purchasing will forward to AP; if denied the department will be notified.