Human Resources

Kudos Photos


Jan Siko receiving a kudos
Jan Siko (Watson College of Education)
Lisa Hunt receiving a kudos
Lisa Hunt (Educational Leadership)
Kimberly receiving a kudos
Kimberley McLaughlin - Smith (Diversity and Inclusion)
Amanda receiving a kudos
Amanda Turner (Campus Reservations)
Sam receiving a kudos
Sam Nevarez (Postal Services)
Patricia receiving a kudos
Patricia Deanes (Summer School/Distance Education)
Campus life receiving a kudos
Kristen Shelton (Aramark), Amelie Brogden, Chris Riendeau and Zach Hollenbaugh (Campus Life Reservations)
Kelley receiving a kudos
Kelley Griffin (Admissions)
Ellen receiving a kudos
Ellen Boyd (Facilities Administration)
Laura receiving a kudos
Laura Gore (Travel - Accounting)
Dianne Receiving a kudos
Dianne Evans (Watson College of Education, Dean's Office)
Crystal receiving a kudos
Crystal Wilson (Parking and Transportation)
Shelia receiving a kudos
Shelia Hemingway (Housekeeping)
Anne receiving a kudos
Anne Pemberton (Randall Library)
Jan receives a kudos
Jan Limpert (Travel - Accounting)
David receiving a kudos
David Todd (Environmental Health and Safety)
Glenda receiving a kudos
Glenda Bowen (Office of Teacher Education and Outreach)
Parking kudos
Arnie Orrell, Wendy Wright and Zach Skipper (Parking and Transportation)
Parking receiving a kudos
Ken Kaiser, Rikki Jenkins and Cathy Judson (Parking and Transportation)
Susan receiving a kudos
Susan Suits (Purchasing)
Sandy receiving a Kudos
Sandy Gladden (Travel Office)
Printing Services receiving a kudos
Printing Services
MIke receiving a kudos
Mike Lloyd (Printing/Postal Services)
Tanner Receiving a Kudos
Tanner Tribou (Maintenance)
Kay receiving a kudos
Kay Pugh (Financial Aid)


Evonne receiving kudos
Evonne Daniel (Printing Services)
Onslow Team receiving kudos

Heinrich Wyschka, Mary Anne Tayloe and Kelly Moore (Onslow Extension Site Team)

Crystal receiving kudos
Crystal Flynn (Facilities Administration)
Linda Receiving a kudos
Linda Padezanin (Student Accounts)
University College kudos
University College
Michael Green Kudos
Michael Green (Housekeeping)
Paula Greene receiving a kudos
Paula Greene (Registrar)
Kelly receiving a kudo
Kelly Kennedy (Human Resources)
Robert Moris Receiving a kudos
Robert Morris (Housekeeping)
Joy Child Receiving a Kudos
Joy Childs (Watson College of Education)
Warehouse receiving a Kudos
David Miller, Lawrence Heath and Kathleen Miller (Warehouse and Surplus)
Richard Boumenot receiving a Kudos
Richard Boumenot ( Parking and Transportation)
Evonne Daniel Receiving a Kudos
Evonne Daniel and Eugene Spears (Printing Services)
Linda Howard receives Kudos
Linda Howard (Student Health)
Loretta Joe Receiving a Kudos
Loretta Joe (Housekeeping)
Jane Lewis receiving a kudos
Jane Lewis (Housekeeping)
Jerry Martin receiving a kudo
Jerry Martin (Business Applications)
Marc Maus receiving a kudo
Marc Maus (Research Services)
Starkey McGowan receiving a kudos
Starkey McGowan (Purchasing)
Judy receiving her kudos
Judy Siko (Budget)
Susie Goodrum receiving a Kudos

Susie Goodrum (Business Applications and Access Management)

Andrew Fletcher receiving a kudos
Andrew Fletcher (Financial Aid Administration)
Florine Davis Receiving a Kudos
Florine Davis (Housekeeping)
Jan receiving a kudos
Jan Branciforte (Human Resources)
Laurie Howell receiving a kudos
Laurie Howell (Elementary, Middle and Lit)


Ernest Bell Receiving a Kudos
Ernest Bell (Housekeeping)
Biology Kudos recipients

Carol Russell, Lori Leitch, Debbie Cronin, Eleanor Bussman

and Tracie Chadwick (Biology)

Patti Stugg receiving kudo
Patti Stugg (Technology and Research Development)
Registar's Office receiving kudos

Naamah Noble, Leona Baird, Frances Akers, Melissa Milner and Sandra Drew

(Registar's Office)

Jeanne Cole receiving Kudos
Jeanne Cole & Rob Ballantine (Integrated Enterprise Solutions)
Roberta LaSure receiving a kudos
Roberta LaSure (Business Affairs)


Allyson Hardison receiving kudos
Allyson Hardison (Housekeeping)
Lisa Hunt receiving kudos
Lisa Hunt (Watson College of Education)


Madeline Bombeld receiving kudos
Madeleine Bombeld (Randall Library)
Craig Funderburk receiving kudos
Craig Funderburk (Registrar)
Tommy Guinn receiving a kudos
Tommy Guinn (Maintenance)
Kurtis roots receiving a kudos
Kurtis Roots (Maintenance)
Amanda Rose receiving a kudo
Amanda Rose (Purchasing)
Kim Woody Receiving a kudos
Kim Woody (Postal Services)