Faculty Research

rotenbergDr. Jamie Rotenberg, Associate Professor

Painted Bunting Observer Team (PBOT)

The eastern population of Painted Bunting is in decline. Our main goal focuses on developing strategies for sustaining eastern Painted Bunting populations, with volunteers playing a major role in monitoring and collecting data in the field to meet that goal. Join Dr. Rotenberg and his citizen science monitoring project to help the Painted Bunting in the Carolinas. Become a Painted Bunting Observer Team (PBOT) member. Click here for the website and more information.

Harpy Eagle Research Project

Dr. Rotenberg and his Belizean colleagues were recently awarded their second year of funding from The Nature Conservancy for his research project, "An Integrated Community-Based Harpy Eagle and Avian Conservation Program for the Maya Mountains Massif. For more information please visit the website.

cuttingRobert Cutting, J.D., Associate Professor/ Attorney

NC Environmental Violators GIS

The Conservation Council of North Carolina is working with UNCW's Department of Environmental Studies and Department of Geography and Geology to map the water, sediment and air violators by county, house and senate representation districts in the state of North Carolina. For more information, check out the complete Conservation Council Education Website!

The following are links to the interactive maps (Can be viewed in Internet Explorer Only):

Water Violators Sediment Violators Air Violators (coming soon)

For examples of how to use the interactive maps, view our Arcs IMS tutorials.

Environmental Law and Regulations (E-Law) Research Module

Experimental Site

HillDr. Jeffery Hill, Professor

North Carolina Coastal Reserve Program Initiatives

Faculty from UNCW's Department of Environmental Studies are working with the Department of Geography and Geology to map visitor impacts at three Coastal Reserves (Bird Island, Bald Head Woods and Buckridge).

The following is a link to the interactive map (IE Only):

NCCRP Visitor Impacts

SniderDr. Anthony Snider, Associate Professor

Movement, Habitat Selection, and Baseline Condition of Deer on Bald Head Island

Dr. Snider, along with other colleagues will be making detailed records of deer movement from collared deer over the next 2 years. Habitat selection, as well as home range and core areas and any emigration will be reported. The information will be used by the village of Bald Head to inform deer management.

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