Banner Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts is located in the UNCW Seaport website which is updated each day with any new account additions, deletions or changes. To access this, click on the following link:

Chart of Accounts in Seaport

Enter your normal login information

Click on the EMPLOYEE tab near the top

Choose the CHART OF ACCOUNTS link on the right side of the page

When finished, be sure to logout of Seaport (top right)


Following is a guide for Banner Funds and Accounts:

General Funds   1xxxxx   Revenues   1xxxxx
Trust   2xxxxx   Expenditures   9xxxxx
Auxiliary   3xxxxx   Assets   4xxxxx
Capital Improvement   4xxxxx   Liabilities   5xxxxx
Contract and Grant   5xxxxx        
Financial Aid & Other Restricted Funds   6xxxxx        
Endowment   7xxxxx        
Plant Funds & Special Projects   8xxxxx        
Agency Funds & Other Funds   9xxxxx        


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