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Links for the Biennial Budget Process

Biennial Budget

The biennial budget provides general operating funds (state) for each year of the biennium to continue the existing, authorized level of services. This provides the same level of service in future years as was provided in the current budget year. The biennial budget is developed in the fall of even number years. Authorized requests are limited to inflationary increases to specific line items, personnel-related items, equipment replacement, specific non-recurring items, and building reserves.

Inflationary Increases

  • Library materials
  • Utilities
  • Building Leases

Personnel-Related Items

  • SPA Longevity
  • Overtime, Premium Pay
  • Unemployment, Workman's Compensation
  • Retirement

Equipment Replacement

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Boats and Trailers
  • Other Motor Vehicles
  • Equipment

Non-Recurring Items

  • Accreditation

Building Reserves